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Minh Tien Co., Ltd would like to send you greeting respect and most sincere thanks!

Today, batteries are indispensable role in companies using the forklift, the use of motorcycles, automobiles, the average UPS, the average residential ...... Battery market is also quite rich in variety, brand, price should be to choose a good battery and in line with demand is not easy.

Understanding this, the Minh Tien was born with the goal of providing customers the line of batteries with the best quality, best service and best price. Minh Tien battery products that we put on the market has created a revolution in battery technology to produce optimal quality for each product line corresponds with forklifts, cars, trams, motorcycle battery civil peace UPS .....

  • First, it is a source of components and raw materials imported from countries with developing technology batteries such as USA, Japan, South Korea ....
  • Second, with advanced technology and continuous innovation, we will offer you products with superior functionality and ensures Vietnam overcome the problem in the field of transportation.
  • Third, we have an excellent team of technical professionals, experienced and dedicated service, attentive, fast and accurate will satisfy every customer.

Minh Tien batteries completely satisfy the most demanding and creating breakthrough technology with features and services include:

  • Quality
  • Maximum fuel savings, cost
  • The prices into cheaper suppliers other

With a professional staff team, enthusiastic and creative, we will advise you the best choice.

Please contact us for answers to questions about batteries and products are provided with the best products.

For us, every line of batteries is a product of the process of labor and creativity. Therefore we always try to their products really make sense to our customers – Minh Tien will always be people you travel with your development. We will endeavor to constantly growing commensurate with potential customers in the country.


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